Lottie at Work

‘Lottie's passion and interest set her ahead of the field, providing the essential ingredient needed for powerful and effective interpretation.'
Diamuid Byron O'Connor. Sculptor/Product Designer/Art Director.

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I am passionate about my work and although I make a huge range of museum display pieces, I love creating Fake food. 

My passion is reflected in the elegance and artistry of what I produce. I have 10 years’ experience of making exhibits for Museums and Tourist attractions and a lifetime’s enthusiasm for making things. 

I started by working on smaller one-off projects. These days I am much more involved with the life of the project, including: 

  • Pre-project meetings and idea collection 
  • Procurement, research and shaping the project as it develops 
  • Moulding, making, casting and painting 
  • Working alongside other makers 
  • Getting more involved with the story, Interpretation 
  • Making sure the story is told visually in a way that engages a huge range of visitors.